Wine Tasting in Paso Robles

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Last weekend Mitch and I were in Pismo Beach for a baby shower and decided to do a little wine-tasting in Paso Robles afterward. We've been to the Santa Ynez Valley for wine-tasting many times and loved it, but with everybody saying Paso Robles is the new Healdsburg, it was time to start checking out (not that we've been to Healdsburg yet or anything).

Based on our traveling schedule and wines I was already familiar with, we chose to do a tasting at the Ancient Peaks tasting room in Santa Margarita on Saturday, followed by Ortman Family Vineyards at their tasting room in Downtown Paso Robles, the Opolo Vineyards tasting room at their vineyard in an area referred to as “The Far Out Wineries,” and Peachy Canyon which is somewhere between Opolo and Highway 101, but I can't tell you where because we never made it that far.

A map of the wineries we visited on recent wine tasting trip to Paso Robles

A map of the wineries we visited on recent wine tasting trip to Paso Robles

Each tasting experience will be its own entry in this blog and I'll talk about what we tasted, share our tasting notes, and tell you what we bought and why (and if possible, where to get it yourself). Then as we drink each bottle we bought, we'll let you know if our sober and at-home opinions line up with our less-than-sober caught-up-in-the-fun-of-tasting-in-situ opinions.

Also of note, we visited a couple of local restaurants and partook of some local lodging. We stayed at the Holiday Inn Express on Riverside Dr. Clean and comfortable, but has very noisy plumbing (other people's showers) and air-conditioning. We ate at a barbeque place (Big Bubba's Bad BBQ) that was average bordering on icky (unless you're looking for cheap margaritas and frat-boy drinks or a ride on a mechanical bull and some really bad line-dancing by the waitstaff). And we ate at Artisan in Downtown Paso Robles for brunch on Sunday. The menu looked exciting and the organic/local approach to food was appealing, too. I have to say we were disappointed. The food was good and of the highest quality, but it seemed to lack flavor and had too much bread (to the point of distraction from the proteins).

Growing tired of a great wine club

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For about a year now, I've been a happy member of Fiddlehead Winery's Frequent Fiddle wine club. I joined the club after visiting 20 or so wineries and tasting rooms in the Santa Ynez Valley area… a favorite spot of mine.

After a full day of tasting at some great wineries, and some not-so-great wineries, we landed in the wine-ghetto of Lompoc, CA to find out if Fiddlehead was as good as its reputation. It was. And having tasted a lot of wine in the area, this was the first winery that had a wine club I wanted to join (and my husband Mitch agreed!).

Truth be told, I'm still a happy member, except that when my newest shipment arrived, it was no longer an exciting adventure. I'd already tried (and drank three bottles each of) both the Goosebury (Goosie) Sauvignon Blanc from Santa Rita Hills and the Oldsville Reserve Pinot Noir from Willamette Valley (pronounced Will-amm-it, dammit). I like both of these wines very much, and feel they're a good value, but there are hundreds (maybe thousands?) of wineries in California alone and I have more wine adventures to partake of!

So now I'm going to figure out which wine club to join next, and if you'll let me, I'll take you along on the adventure. Hopefully you'll be inspired to find the perfect wine club (and wines) for yourself!

If you want to try Fiddlehead, you can find places to buy it online.

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