About Us

Arianna_SillyWho are you?

We’re a small cadre of people who think wine is too wonderful to be intimidating. We want to present good wine at a good value to everyone who wants it. If you have any questions you’d like answered, feel free to send us an email, care of: Arianna. Most of the posts on here are hers, but she invites guest bloggers to share their knowledge as much as possible.

We focus on “value” wine which means different things at different times. Usually that means excellent wines that retail under $25, but sometimes it means exceptional wines that drink well above their price point. The more we drink, the more we learn, and we share those learning experiences. If you look back at our early posts, this is pretty evident.

We want to keep learning about wine so we gladly accept samples from wineries and PR firms. Please keep in mind that accepting wine does not guarantee we will review it. At present, we’re about one year behind, so if we write about your wine, it might not hit these pages for 12 months or so.