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Photo credit: VineSmart.com – Grapevines in Tulare County

California exports relatively little wine (100 million gallons, half in bulk at just over $4 per gallon; sales in bottle average $11.60 per gallon.) Lapsley pointed out that low-cost wine is made from inexpensive grapes, most from the San Joaquin Valley. The districts south of the Delta grew 52% of all grapes crushed in 2009.Wines & Vines

Monday as I drove through the very flat, relentlessly hot, and not to mention smoggy San Joaquin Valley from CA-46 south, I couldn’t help but notice the abundance of grapevines growing along I-5. I said to Mitch, “Maybe they’re for raisins and table grapes?” But they’re for wine?!

According to the Wine Institute, California supplied 61% of all wine sold in the U.S. (about 30% is imported). Wines retailing for less than $7/bottle represented 72% of the total, and fully 30% sold for less than $3 per bottle. Wines & Vines

When I think about how much wine we drink within California and how much of it is “premium” or even in the $10-15 range, this statistic makes me stop wondering why more people in the country don’t drink wine! All they’ve got access to is plonk!

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