Wine Blogger Conference – Day 3

What happened to Day 2? Well, I was too drunk to write about it yesterday, so you’ll get THAT update later :)

We’re in the middle of Day 3 (it’s the first official day of the conference) and it’s quite a trip being around so many wine drinkers, wine lovers, and wine writers in one place. The wine community in Washington is super-friendly and it’s been a thrill to get to know the different regions and wineries.

It’s also been fun to meet all kinds of people who I’ve known online for different reasons… including accidentally meeting Steve Heimoff while chatting at the Meritage Alliance table.

We’re listening to the kick-off speech right now, and so I’m taking this opportunity to point out some of my favorite values and wines I’ve had so far:

  • Barnard Griffin Fume Blanc, $9
  • Barnard Griffin Sangiovese Rose, $12
  • Milbrandt Merlot Traditions, $15
  • Milbrandt Riesling, $13
  • Chinook Semillon, $15
  • McCrea Grenache Blanc, Boushey Vineyard, ~$20

I also liked the Gruner Veltiners I tasted today. I think they need to go on my list of alternative whites (as I’m kinda getting tired of Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc).

More to come, and cheers!

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