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White Wines – Speed-dating for Bloggers & Wineries!

We sat at a table for an hour while 12 wineries brought us 12 wines and shpieled us for 5 minutes each. Here’s the rundown… lots of goodies for white-wine lovers! (Updates coming later)

  • 2009 Neethlingshof Estate Unwooded Chardonnay (Worthwhile Wines)
    Winemaker notes: Fresh, vibrant with rich layers of fruit and a crisp and lingering aftertaste
    Jess’ notes: Mellow flavors, not too bright, good expression of Chardonnay. Would happily drink again.
    Arianna’s notes:
    Nose of bright lemon curd and grass. Fab mineral, great acid, and nice body. Really like it.
    Other notes:
    Importer of sustainable wines, classic example of chablis style
  • 2009 The Violinist Verdelho (Molly Dooker), $25
    Winemakers notes: Creamy texture, great acidity and long, persistent flavours of honeysuckle, pineapple, and citrus.
    Jess’ notes: Grapefruit & tropical fruit on the nose. Oaky, but not overly… needs food. Would drink again, not for $25.
    Arianna’s notes: Nose of blended citrus. Something stone fruit. Sweet sour. Would drink again.
  • 2008 House Wine by Charles Smith, $13
    Winemakers notes: 78% Chardonnay, 11% Riesling, 5% Muscat, 5% Gewurtztraminer, 1% Pinot Gris
    Jess’ notes: Pineapple, citrus, a little acidic but I’ve got heartburn right now. Bright and good. Interesting white for $13.
    Arianna’s notes: Nose of Pineapple, mineral, Citric acid smell. It’s okay.
  • 2009 Dry Creek Vineyard Dry Chenin Blanc, $12
    Winemakers notes:
    Jess’ notes:
    Great balance, nice clean mouthfeel. Mellow apples. Not sweet to me. Would much rather spend $12 on this one than $13 on the House Wine above.
    Arianna’s notes: Nose: Lemony grapefruit, chili pepper, grass, bruised peach. Palate: SWEET, with peachy peachiness.
  • 2008 L’Ecole No 41 Semillon, $15
    Winemaker notes: Melon, pear, honeysuckle, viscosity, fresh and floral.
    Jess’ notes: Love the fig & honeysuckle & nutty tones of Semillon and this is balanced and delicious. Coats the tongue in a good way. Would LOVE to drink again.
    Arianna’s notes: Nose of pie crust, peach cobbler, pear. Palate of almond, mineral, apple, straw.
  • 2008 Sustainable White (Parducci), Mendocino County, $11
    Winemaker notes: Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, Viognier, Muscat
    Jess’ notes: Big fruity nose, acidic. I’m getting major earthy in the mouth. S’okay. I like that they’re continuing the project though since it’s good for the planet!
    Arianna’s notes: Nose: honey straw and petrol. Palate: something earthy-spicy and pineapple?
  • 2009 Pithy Little Wine Co. Sangiovese Rose, $22
    Winemaker notes: Simple wine notes, on the bottle … 2% Syrah
    Jess’ notes: Walnuts and cinnamon?? Blood orange and cherry. Light flavoring. Interesting… wouldn’t turn it away.
    Arianna’s notes: Jolly Rancher Red on the nose. And the palate. With notes of mineral.
  • 2007 Ortman Vineyards Edna Valley Chardonnay, Firepeak Vineyard, $25
    Winemaker notes: Clones 4, 76 and 96; Oak variety, yeast variety… CRAFTED wines.
    Jess’ notes: Big, full-bodied Chardonnay. Mature and oaked with a touch of butter. Should be accompanied by food.
    Arianna’s notes: Tropical nose, tropical palate. High acid. Man, I want some cheese. Take it or leave it.
  • Pepperwood Grove Chardonnay (NV) – Wine in a box! 4 bottle equiv. for $20
    Winemaker notes:
    Jess’ notes: Not bad. For approx $5/bottle this is a great value Chardonnay. It’s not sophisticated but it’s quality. Anise, pineapple, and grapefruit on the palate. Perfect for picnics and parties!
    Arianna’s notes: The whole thing is green and fresh (not like desert flora). Meh.
  • 2009 Desert Wind Viognier, Wahluke Slope, WA, $15
    Winemaker notes: Nose: peach, honeysuckle, and vanilla. Palate: rich and full, silky finish.
    Jess’ notes: Pineapple on the nose (not stone fruit to me). Drier finish than expected for how it hits the front of the mouth. I’m not a fan of Viognier, but this isn’t bad… seems like a good price, too.
    Arianna’s notes: Honey, baby! With some straw and white flowers. At this point I’m probably just making shit up.
  • 2009 Poet’s Leap Riesling, (Long Shadows Vintners), $20
    Winemaker notes: Armin Diel
    Jess’ notes: Really impressed with Washington Riesling, especially this one! Low residual sugar, picked at low Brix number. Bright, balanced, pineapple, great riesling. Would give it to my picky Mom and feel confident.
    Arianna’s notes: Soft floral nose, sweet, something slightly effervescent. Like!
    Other notes: Like Oriel Wines… partners with famous winemakers… but they bring them in to make wine from WA fruit!
  • 2009 Big House White from California (promoting Octavin Home Wine Bar), 4 bottles equiv for $22
    Winemaker notes: 51% Malvasia Bianca, 14% Muscat Canelli, 13% Viognier, 10% Gruner Veltiner, 5% Pinot Gris, 4% White Riesling
    Jess’ notes: Generic Cali white wine, has an earthy thing midpalate, but it’s balanced (so critical with inexpensive whites).
    Arianna’s notes: Lovely peach, something sharp at back of throat. Fun!
    Other notes: Guaranteed for a minimum of six weeks after opening
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