Win $2010 in OXO Products!


Here at GrapeSmart we’re BIG fans of the email newsletter Tasting Table. Always up to date and interesting, we get the latest food & wine news both for Los Angeles and at a national level. They have lots of other cities/metro areas, too.

We frequently ask you to sign up because we KNOW you’ll love it, too. Now they’re incentivizing you further! Sign up for their FREE newsletter and you’ll be entered to win $2010 worth of OXO products! (By the way, we’re also huge fans of OXO products.)

Don’t know what OXO is? They’re ergnomically designed kitchen tools like spatulas, garlic presses, measuring cups, etc. You name it, they make it, and they almost always make it better than everyone else.

Now, how much more incentive could you possibly need? GO! SIGN UP NOW!


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