Weekly Twitter Updates Digest for 2009-10-16

  • Arianna and I cracked the Cameron Hughes Lot 101 Chardonnay… and drank the whole bottle. It's good. Esp for the $$. Review to come on blog #
  • RT @WineExpo: Just in: Off Dry SPARKLING Torrontes (way under $20)… That sparkler is calling my name! See ya soon, R! #
  • @DailyWine My last red sparkler was Lambrusco and it was too sweet for me. Off-dry might be awe-some :) @WineExpo has a few to choose from! in reply to DailyWine #
  • @WineExpo sold me Off Dry SPARKLING Torrontes… Unusual! A tad sweet, but lots of green fruit. As promised, salty snacks enhanced the wine. #
  • Be sure to read the bit about the Riedel 'Vivant' Bordeaux glasses. WSJ.com – Glasses, the Background Music of Wine http://bit.ly/mmzV3 #
  • Halloween is around the corner so we're reposting this: Great Wines for Halloween – Not So Scary! http://bit.ly/10szTr #
  • RT @NYCubsFan Deciding whether joining the WSJ Wine Club is a needed expense right now-There r cheaper/better clubs Try http://bit.ly/24NYl0 #
  • @NYCubsFan @NidhiBerry: Thanks for telling me the link was broken, it should work now. #
  • @NidhiBerry: Wine clubs are a very personal choice… what are you looking for in a wine club? Hopefully I can help you out :) #
  • Help us break 2500 followers today! #FF love to @Everwalking @foodwinechickie @inshin @graf808 @swamwine @jjbuckley @pinotblogger @WineExpo #
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