murphy-goode-alexander-valley-cabernetLast week, my friend Annette and I went to happy hour at a chain restaurant called McCormick and Schmick's. Well. We tried to go to happy hour. We arrived at 6:27 and were told that we could no longer ord

er from the special menu – which is supposedly available until 6:30. Hmmm.

Being the peppy little camper that I am, I was able to rise above this near-crippling culinary setback, consoling myself with a delicious glass of vino (Annette ordered a dirty martini).

I chose a glass of 2007 Murphy-Goode cabernet. This Sonoma red was delicious from the moment it arrived at the table, although a bit tannic at the first sip. The acidity quickly dissipated into a beautifully smooth, full-bodied fruitiness, with a medium finish.

This has me pretty excited to try other Murphy-Goode reds.

I’m much less excited to go back to McCormick and Schmick's.

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