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Luxury Champagne For Valentine’s Day

The Internet is packed to the rafters with gift guides for Valentine’s Day. So here is one more. Except this one is better than most of the others. Because the benefits of a spa treatment will be completely eradicated by the stress of getting stuck in traffic on the way home. A piece of jewelry is likely to get tossed into a box and forgotten. And some sort of fancy underwear may (or may not) be only mildly appreciated in …

Past Meets Present at Culver Hotel Prohibition Ball

If any good came of Prohibition, it’s the parties celebrating the end of it. While over half the states in the US had gone dry way before the Volstead Act went into effect, the “prohibition of alcoholic beverages” officially kicked off on January 16, 1920. This meant that the “manufacture, sale, transportation, importation, possession or distribution” of any beverage of at least .5% alcohol was illegal–except under specific circumstances, such as religious ceremonies and medical necessity. It’s safe to say …

Lest Ye Be Judged: Guest Judging At The LA International Wine Competition

When I check in to guest judge at the long registration table at the Sheraton at the Fairplex, in Pomona, California, my Wines of Bordeaux host hears my name and bounds across the room to greet me. Jana Kravitz is pretty, stressed, and very, very French…or pretty, French and very, very stressed… either way, she ushers me into a ballroom filled with round banquet tables covered in white tablecloths, before introducing me to the five other judges at the table where I’ve been assigned. On the …

Welcome to our updated website

After being away for far too long we have returned with a brand new website. Please look around and let us know what you think. The all-new GrapeSmart is going to be a cuvee of all sorts of good things. Stick around, take a sip and see!